How to Calculate Your Home's Value

Celina Acosta December 5, 2023
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It is important to price a listing strategically so that it actually sells for its highest potential. And if you’re a home owner who’s thinking about selling your home, today I’m gonna talk about how to price your home to sell and how to avoid the 3 common pricing mistakes.

Mistake #1. Inadequate Research – Not conducting the proper research before listing the property on the market or going by the "Zestimte" without considering particulars.

Mistake #2. Home Improvement Pricing – Thinking that every single dollar you spent on your house you’re going to get back and mistaking maintenance with upgrades. The difference between real and perceived value.

Mistake #3. Pricing your home with an "extra cushion" so that people can negotiate you down. Timing and value go hand in hand in other words, time is money. Have you seen a home for sale where they made one or all of these mistakes? Have you ever made any of these mistakes before? 

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